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How do you like winter?


Do you like winter? You probably can not to prepare it correctly. I think I know a recipe of the most beautiful winter day: a drop of fresh wind, a small tap of white snow ball, another drop of sunny blue sky, an ounce of happy smile, the same amount of laughter and add a spoon of blueberries. You can serve this with cup of tea with sugar, mint, lemon cuddle up with warm blanket. Wish you the best winter day in your life!

Tatyana Makarova design for We The Beautiful coming soon for purchase.

We The Beautiful POP UP STORE

Happy Holidays Everybody!Because Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market is cancelled this year, we decided to open We The Beautiful POP UP Store at 4122 E. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45236. Cincinnati Dance Academy will be closed for the Thanksgiving break and they will be hosting We The Beautiful POP UP Store November 22 - 29 from 10 am - [...]

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Dressed With Love

My love of dressing up has no bounds. Any special occasion, any holiday, I take the opportunity to don my finest (and sometimes craziest) apparel and show myself off around town. In the last blog I talked about playing dress-up, and maybe that's where my love of themed attire comes from, the fact that I was encouraged [...]

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Playing Dress-Up

As an introduction to the blog, I'd like to talk about memories. Do you remember when you fell in love with fashion? It can be difficult for some of us to think back so far. It seems as if one day your parents were dressing you, and the next - poof! - you're picking out your own clothes. When [...]

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