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Dressed With Love


My love of dressing up has no bounds. 

Any special occasion, any holiday, I take the opportunity to don my finest (and sometimes craziest) apparel and show myself off around town. 

In the last blog I talked about playing dress-up, and maybe that's where my love of themed attire comes from, the fact that I was encouraged from a young age to express myself through clothes. In fact, I'm sure of it. And this Valentine's Day, I intend to to pull out all the stops.

But let's be honest: For some of us, once we hit adulthood, Valentine's Day loses a bit of its charm. Our school days of making handwritten, construction paper cards for that boy who sits across the room (ahem ... Garrett) are over. Valentine's Day becomes a day of adult dates, fancy dinners and stressing over what to wear. 

Wasn't it so much more fun to dress up when we were little? Confidence comes from what we learn at a young age and, though we won't have our little dolls to dress up for forever, it's never too early to start. Certainly I attribute my confidence and my lifelong love of clothes to what I learned as a little girl.

For instance, themes are themes for a reason!

Valentine's Day is a theme so embrace it and deck your little girl out in hearts! It's so much easier to think up a coherent style when you have a pattern to work around. Like this skirt and shirt combo centered around a heart theme.

Sweetheart in Training

Which brings me to my next tip: Comfortable outfits that allow your little girl or boy to run around, dance and move don't have to mean frumpy pajamas. Embrace the legging!

Fun patterns with a little bit of sass (like a leopard print) mixed with pink and other Valentine's Day colors keep her stylish while stretchy jeggings keep her warm while we wait for these long winter months to sprout into spring.

Leggings are also perfect to combine with skirts to achieve a spring look and brighten everyone's day, even if outside, it may not seem like the sun is shining. Add a blazer or a matching sweater and some blue boots to keep the outfit winter friendly.

Seaport Blazer

And most importantly, don't forget to have fun with it! Valentine's Day is a holiday after all. Until our next entry: Happy Valentine's Day and lots of love to you and yours! 

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